Richard Unger Reads Barbara’s Hands

In 2010, Richard Unger, founder of the International Institue of Hand Analysis, gave Barbara a reading…

I just love your hands, Barbara.  You call yourself an Intuitive?  I don’t call you that, I call you a genius! You pretend that you are an Intuitive to make it easier for others to digest the magician-ship that you do. You have a supreme clever way of understanding stuff but you might as well tell them that you’re an Intuitive that way they won’t get a headache trying to understand what it is you do.  By the way you have a natural ability to see eights different sides to a problem and understanding a situation highlighting one part that needs clarification, others would have to work at it to be able to do this but it’s something you were born with.

You saw I was looking for a particular marking (in your hand) and I found it, it’s the Star of Leadership, are you going to do your leadership thing?  Me:  In this lifetime?  Oh God!  Him:  Yes Mam!  In the old palmistry were supposed to marry the king, reaching a high, your throne is using your wizardry and you abdicating the throne….they usually get bonked on the head a few times!  People like you abdicated!  All those people down there they are dead because they didn’t take their throne. …the chiefs were busy stealing from Fort Knox and the people were all dead down there.

Me:  What about my big fat ego?  What about that?  What if Merlin got on the throne and did some wizardry stuff?  …it’s about bringing ancient magic into the modern world,. For one even it’s about you and others finding out they can manifest   even when it looks like they can’t manifest and two they can get parking places in front of Carnegie Hall, ….and it’s your job to do that.

You have a wizardry  capable of doing and then showing others how to do this… can teach other people how to do this…if I had your hands I would be holding classes showing others how to do this.

Richard Unger
International Institute of Hand Analysis, Founder

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