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Magic and Miracles

January 10, 2020 Good things can come out of a tragedy. I believe this with all my heart.  After the attack that happened coincidentally five years ago today, by an unstable woman who slashed my throat, the first good thing that happened is that I survived, and second good thing was family and friends came […]

A Close Call with Death

January 9, 2020 Anniversary date of a close call with death January 9, 2015 This date, five years ago today, I was attacked by a crazy woman in my building where I still live. I had moved into this senior building some years earlier and for the most part it was quite comfortable, except for […]

Tatoos on the Heart

January 11, 2020 In one of my last articles, I talked about how I was born in WWII times and how we have all been wanting and longing for peace, yet we are still warring. I mentioned Father Gregg Boyle, founder of Homeboy Industries for over thirty years, the most successful place in the world […]

A Life Cherished at Long Last

January 4, 2020 As I said both sides of my family were at war before I was born in 1939. The family that lived by the motto, “I have your back” never came looking for me. The second world war, considered the war of wars was about to begin in 1939, Germany, with a madman […]
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