A Close Call with Death

January 9, 2020 Anniversary date of a close call with death January 9, 2015

This date, five years ago today, I was attacked by a crazy woman in my building where I still live. I had moved into this senior building some years earlier and for the most part it was quite comfortable, except for this tenant who took a dislike towards me that in time, led to paranoia. Looking for a “reason” for her attack, I finally settled on perhaps was her paranoia towards my cat, even though we never had a real conversation.  Suffice it to say, she had some serious problems, I would find her in the garbage room talking to herself and looking around suspiciously if I or anyone happened to see her in there.

I had worked in a Mental Hospital years earlier as a Therapy Aide and I knew from my work with psychotic patients, she was escalating and I became very concerned.  This was over a two year period and I wrote to management who did nothing.  One night I heard weird noises at my door on the second floor of the building where I live, opened the door, this woman yelling and throwing dirty kitty litter at my door. She had an issue with cats and I had one.  I would walk him down the hall to spend daytime with a nice neighbor, but we did have to pass by her apartment.  That might have tipped her over the edge, but who really knows?

I yelled at her to go away, grabbed the trash bag, dragged it into the hall and began picking up kitty litter, she was still there raging.  Then I saw her walk towards my back and slashed me in the neck, it all happened so quickly I was stunned.  She said something like “You deserve it” and walked off towards her apartment.  I grabbed my neck with both hands in an effort to stop the bleeding and stumbled into my apartment and tried to find my cell phone, any phone to call for help.  I kept saying out loud, “I have to save me life”, over and over while I grabbed the nearest dishrag and slapped it on my bleeding neck.

I have no idea how I found the phone or how I dialed 911 but I did; in minutes two cops came dashing in grabbed the cloth from my hand and tried to apply pressure to the wound while the other one said where’d she go, I tried to tell him but by then neighbors came out and they took him to her door.  Minutes later the triage came flying in here, threw me on the gurney, applied pressure to the wound and whisked me to the ER.  Before I knew it, I was on an operating table and I was surrounded with very concerned doctor and nurse team.  I can remember him saying “You can let go now, we got this”.  I was out in seconds.

Later after the surgery, the doctor told me she just missed the main artery and I was very lucky to still be here.  Recovery was slow, some of you reading this five year anniversary, when this happened, you were there, with me, helping me with healing treatments, financial help, prayer support.

She went to jail for attempted murder and eventually sent to a mental institution for criminals.  Many miracles came out of that near death experience including the desire to transform my own life to mean something.  Thank you so much for following a long life lived and cherished at long last.  I will share more about the recovery process in our next chapter…

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