A Life Cherished at Long Last

January 4, 2020

As I said both sides of my family were at war before I was born in 1939.

The family that lived by the motto, “I have your back” never came looking for me. The second world war, considered the war of wars was about to begin in 1939, Germany, with a madman at the helm preaching genocide as he lit the match.

The wildfire he threatened to start would burn everyone in its path and it crossed oceans, invaded countries, but worse, that wall of fear did visit the hearts and minds of sane people everywhere. Everyone was a potential enemy and my family, thousands of miles away were swept up in the flames of that fear just like everyone else.

I feel it’s worth writing about because it occurs to me at 80 that we do not need to go through this again and the change is simple but not easy. Here’s the simple solution, take everyone who has been marginalized, left out, disenfranchised, disowned, despised, tortured and put the word “included” rather than “ex-cluded” by their name and poof, problem solved! You get the picture, (and that just may include most all of us born on this planet).  Even if you feel you have lived a charmed life and I hope you have, all of us are in this together and to date, suffering has been part of the human experience but if we have each other’s back, it will disappear a whole lotta pain and suffering.  Hell, check in, when the chips are down and there doesn’t seem like any solution is possible, a good friend or someone who believes in you give you the gumption to try another way, it works out.

And this global fear raged everywhere including my small town in upstate New York.  The real damage started long before I arrived for my birth in 1939. With the war at the door, both sides of my family, the Italian side terrified of the German side, the German side terrified of the Italian, an irrational hatred for each other’s differences, families here in the US were in their own war.  My parents, like so many before us, had the audacity to fall in love with” the enemy” and marry them and God forbid, get pregnant and create children. This was problem for both sides and it left me feeling excluded and alone most of my young life. This is what I was about to be born into in 1939. We all have our story to tell and I hope this small part of my story lends insight into 80 years of living sent to you with lots of love and a promise of  more stories from a long life lived and cherished at long last.

This photo was taken in April of last year when I was granted A Wish of a Lifetime, a wonderful organization endeavors to make one of your dreams a reality. I submitted my life story and requested a trip to Unity Village, MO for a five day visit with my friend Debbie all expenses paid and it was granted.  Silent Unity, a phone line prayer support has been helping people for 125 years continuously from all over the world by praying with you and your concern on the spot and continuing to pray in their vigil room 24/7 for another 30 days. I do believe in the power of prayer and when two or more are gathered….

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