Tatoos on the Heart

January 11, 2020

In one of my last articles, I talked about how I was born in WWII times and how we have all been wanting and longing for peace, yet we are still warring.

I mentioned Father Gregg Boyle, founder of Homeboy Industries for over thirty years, the most successful place in the world that helps Gang members get jobs and so much more.  I recommend his heartfelt book called “Tatoos on the Heart . His answer is simple, “What would Jesus do?  He’d invite everyone to the party rich or poor, just an open heart is the price of admission.  We need our tribes back, we need our healthy families back, we need our healthy society back, and we need our leaders back.

Father G doesn’t see himself as anyone special, but someone who listens versus the one who thinks “father knows best”  (Pardon the pun)  And finally at 80 I can say with complete certainty, that  I really don’t  know anything!  What a relief.

Television gave us Mr Rogers and it gave us Star Trek, I was a huge fan of Star Trek the Next Generation, and I recall one episode, it always stayed with me, the ship was invaded by a hostile alien who was pitting crew members again each other, hoping they would kill each other.  Things were getting serious when #1 ordered them to start laughing and just keep it up; some were too far into battle to listen,   enough of them caught on and began laughing uproariously, this caused this alien to leave the ship and never return.  It fed on fear and rage, without that food, it had to leave and look elsewhere for violence.  One of our other best friends is a good sense of humor don’t you think?

I talked about being born just before WWII in 1939 and the challenges for my parents who married the “enemy”, my mother of German descent, my Dad of Italian descent. Well, tada! I was born the day after Christmas, feet first, I guess I must have known I better come out with my feet on the ground! My Dad was a factory worker and found work welding things for the war during my first few years here on the planet and my mother a homemaker, took care of me, and made our small upstairs apartment homey and cozy with her great cooking.  My Italian family never really warmed up to my mother but they tolerated her mostly because of me, I suspect, I was the golden girl the first girl born into the Italian side of the family and my NaNa just adored me, in fact she was my rock growing up; I just knew I could do no wrong.  My Dad was a gentle soul, quiet and sensitive, most Italians were thought to be loud and noisy but their friends used to say to my mother, “How’s poor George”?  I always wondered what they meant, he just seemed like a dad. I was a happy go lucky child who was oblivious to the trouble brewing around me.  I got to see my Nana Sunday’s after church and I was known to wander off, a toddler of two or three, my mother once found me down by the canal quite a distance for a child to roam.  I got a good lickin for that one.  Very early I can remember believing in magic, like the thrill of walking down the stairs of our upstairs apartment , then I believed for certain that I floated all the way back down, run up again, float down.  I always wanted to see dead people, I already sensed the “other side” so I would use my imagination to make them real.  I always felt my non- physical friends and animals were my true friends.To me this world is the dream, the reality is who we really are.  I think of it this way, I am renting this costume/body in order to show up in this world as we know it and when it’s time I have to give it back to the earth.  But the real reason we are here to be welcomed back by the Real You the one who has been hidden beneath this costume since we got here.  That’s the light that never goes out even when we drop the costume. To me that’s very good news, especially at my age.  I say let’s let the magic back into our lives once again and trust that The Divine Has Our Back.

PS This photo of me was taken in Lesbos, Greece five years ago as part of the month long trip given to me by The Universe after the close call with death earlier that year, I call it “magic and miracles”.  Please come join me in creating more good stuff and let’s call it Gross National Happiness!


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