Cherished Life March 2020

Happy Puppy Running

Today is a new day filled with surprises, there have been many lately with the Corona Virus scare and now I really know why I cherish life when death can be around the corner if you are elderly and you contract this disease.  Well, I am now 80 and I had the flu twice already this year, me who is never sick, got sick and it scared me when I heard the Corona scare. After the scare I remembered what’s even truer for me, life here is relatively short for us humans here on planet earth and it becomes really apparent after 79!  Of course I’m taking the usual precautions, wash your hands like you are a surgeon, etc but beyond following all the rules right, you just never know and that’s why I am writing this blog tonight to maybe brighten your outlook on the virus, especially if you are really less than 80, 70, 60, 50…well you know what I mean. I just wonder if this bug is taking out people who have a weak immune system, but I have yet to hear news on that score.

Life has become very precious especially after a serious car accident a little over a year ago, even though a random trailer hitch came barreling across the freeway and totaled my brand new car I’m still here and with minor injuries.  It’s hard to put things like a crisis in perspective while it’s going on that’s for sure, but after the accident I counted the many ways I was supported and protected.  I was not killed #1, I had no serious injuries #2, I got my old car back #3, I quit driving #4 and I have found ways to get around w/o a car, I walk a lot more (I’m aiming for 5,000 steps a day working up to 10,000.  So it may be too early to count our blessings about the virus, but I think not!  So many people are teaming up to help each other, a good neighbor just today brought over a face mask in case I need one. I am guided to go on You Tube and send Reiki ’round the world to every living thing.  What a concept…what are you guilded to do?  Let me know your thoughts and be well!

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