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Facebook Live Events

In the summer of 2017 I had a series of interviews with Cynthia Stott. We used Facebook Live to share these events. Learn about the miracle of the Buddy Story.  A dog who was severely abused and vicious.  After I did work with Buddy and Cynthia, he became her best friend before he passed away. […]

Barbara welcomes you to her world of Magic and Miracles.

Once upon a time when I was a little girl, I believed in magic and miracles – and then life happened! Even though life, trauma and challenges are unavoidable, I believe they can be used to awaken and enlighten us. After a lifetime of difficult, painful, and scary experiences, I’ve grown to the point where […]

Athena’s Story

I was born with a special gift of intuition which means instinctive feeling without the need for conscious reason and at some point I decided to ignore this ability because I was innundated with feelings that were not my own.  It was overwhelming to be sure until my cat Athena came into my life and […]
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