Animal Communication

Animal Communication

Barbara Mariano has the unique gift of stepping into the paws, or experience, of any animal. Her intuitive gifts provide healing insights and open the doors to what your animals want or need. Within a matter of minutes, Barbara can help you connect on a deep level with your favorite furry, feathered, or scaled companions.

What does an animal intuitive do?

We tend to become emotionally invested in the wellbeing of our beloved pets, particularly when they are experiencing distress. It is often helpful, and sometimes essential, to have someone to create the space required for healing to occur.

Barbara Mariano, Sacramento’s Animal Whisperer, has the unique gift of stepping into the paws, or experience, of any animal or person. Barbara "reads" the animal's language and acts as a translator to help you understand your animal's experience. Sometimes these communications have words; sometimes they are accompanied by a strong sense of just knowing. Animals are capable of communicating very complicated, deep ideas and feelings, and many communicate with great elegance.

From there, steps for healing may be revealed to bring peace to you, your animal, and your relationship with each other. Barbara gives you tools to use so you can fully participate in your animal's life situation.

Barbara will accompany you and your four-legged friends on a healing journey to remove emotional blocks and create space for healing transformations.

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