Success Story of Jerry the Dog, CA

Success Story of Jerry the Dog, CA

Barbara & Jerry

Jerry’s Story

Barbara’s intuitive gifts and compassionate approach have transformed and strengthened our relationship with each one of our dogs over the years. I believe that we learn more about ourselves with each pet who enters our lives and when that happens, the bond we share with them strengthens and grows.

We have had the pleasure of having Barbara do readings on several of our dogs over the years. When we first rescued our Ben and Jerry back in 2004, she gave us valuable information that helped us to integrate these precious boys into our home with our other dear dog Bailey and then learn how to help them grow and thrive.

Now that Jerry is almost 13 and experiencing some health issues, Barbara did another reading on him this past week. Her insight was so accurate and her use of the tapping technique (Emotional Freedom Technique) alleviated several issues that have been bothering him. What struck us is that her communication with Jerry shifted our perspective from frantically trying to hit on the right things that would help him, to working with him in partnership. This has created a space for a respectful and mutual communication exchange between us and this has brought us ever closer to him and our other sweet dog Fiona.

Just this past weekend, we hosted Barbara’s “The Heart of Communication ” animal class in our home. It was wonderful to share Barbara’s intuitive talents with our friends as she “walked in the paws” of everyone’s pets. What a unique and powerful experience it was to tune into and learn from each other’s pets in this way. We are so thankful to Barbara for not only helping us to create a deeper bond with our Jerry and Fiona, but also for her sincere friendship.

Kate and Eldon Luce
Applegate, CA

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