Success Story of Karen’s Rescue Dog, CA

Success Story of Karen’s Rescue Dog, CA

A Foster Mom’s Story

I’ll never forget meeting Barbara for the first time. She came to meet a dog who was depressed and dejected after being in foster care for almost a year. He ran up to her, “talking” like I’d never heard him do before, as if to say, “Finally, someone who can understand me!” Through one session with him, this wonderful intelligent dog regained his self esteem and joy and was adopted in two weeks. That was six years ago.

My journey with Barbara has been filled with lessons and gifts. She has traveled with me through many foster and rescued animals and transitions, illnesses and deaths of my own companion animals. In addition she has been a dear friend, wise healer, and teacher for me and my human family through Reiki and bodywork I highly recommend Barbara’s gifts for the two, three and four legged, no matter what they might need!

Karen Obrien
Nevada City, CA

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