Success Story of Multiple Cats, OR

Success Story of Multiple Cats, OR

Cathie Mortensen‘s Story

Happy Cat During Animal Communication Session

I currently live with my husband and six wonderful furbaby cats. There’s Missy P (17 yr old), Reba Mae (11 yr old), Cia (3 yr old), and our 3 kittens – Max, Shy-Shy and Shasta who are 7 months old. We have had the kittens since they were a day old, and I was volunteering as a foster mom for a cat shelter here in town. Needless to say, they became a permanent part of our hearts and lives. (I think Barbara was surprised that we ended up adopting all 3 of the kittens!) People who know my husband just shake their heads in wonder because my husband has always proclaimed that 2 cats were fine but 3 cats were divorce – and he was the one who had the final say as to keeping the 7 month old kittens!

Furbaby Kitty Communicating with Barbara Mariano

Since that first encounter with Barbara, we have developed a great friendship/bond. She has helped me through many jubilations and sorrows that have followed, including the loss of my mom and most recently, the loss of a little girl, called Annabelle. (Annabelle came to me at 2 weeks of age after being thrown from a moving car. We were blessed to have her in our lives for 6 glorious weeks. She died of distemper in Oct 2008. And yes – I still cry when I think about her now 6 months later.

But back to my story. I first heard of Barbara over 10 years ago when my handicap, Mr. Magoo kitty, was starting to have some problems. In talking to Barbara, and her talking with Mr. Magoo, I found out just how bad he had been hurt before he came to live with us. He was very sure it was time for him to cross the bridge. He wanted to be able to run and play in the fields without pain. Through Barbara, I found the courage to let him go.

Barbara’s ability to communicate with animals is unsurpassed. She can get to the heart of the matter and usually has suggestions as to what a person’s next step might be. I know I am a better person having known her and I look forward to many more years of friendship.

Cathie Mortensen

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