Success Story of Norman the Cat, CA

Success Story of Norman the Cat, CA

Norman’s Story

My sister’s cat of eighteen months was sneezing constantly like something had lodged in his nasal passages. I called Barbara. The vet x-rayed and found nothing and prescribed antibiotics and suggested going to a specialist at a cost of $900…they would put a scope up his nasal passages. My sister has no such funds!

Barbara read Norman for me and said, “There is definitely something in there, but it is not a foxtail” (our worst fear), but suggested we put a drop of pure sesame oil in each nostril just to lubricate the area. The next day my sister phoned, Norman, after four months of sneezing and sometimes blood, sneezed a long blade of grass out his nose! They pulled it our completely and the next day he sneezed once more and ejected half of another blade of grass.

Thank you Barbara! On all past consults, you’ve been right, but you have saved my sister from needless expense and helped reassure her.

Yvonne L Ball

Sacramento, CA

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