Success Story of Skater the Cat, CA

Skater’s Story

Animal Communication with Cat Named Skater
In loving memory of Skater.

I recently lost my favorite cat ever, Skater, to coyotes. He was smart, agile and aware. When he first went missing I knew that he was gone. I still kept looking anyway, around every tree, bush and corner. I looked for him every morning and every time I came home. It was driving me crazy!

When I asked Barbara to tune in and see what happened she said that at first she thought he was still alive and it was confusing because he also felt like he had passed over ??? She said that the coyotes had caught him totally off guard and that he was so shocked and a little angry because he wasn’t done being with me! I agree, I wasn’t done being with him either!

It may sound strange but knowing that he was truly gone eased my heart. I no longer had to look for him. Now I can feel his spirit whenever I want to and his spirit comes and visits often. He comes and sits on my lap and it is wonderful, I can actually feel his 20 lbs weighing on me.

I have been hearing him in the morning too, crying for me to get up. Skater was a Maine Coon and quite the character so it does not surprise me that he is making his presence known from the other side! Barbara is the one who opened that channel for Skater and me to talk and I am so grateful!

Robin Karlstedt
Reiki Master Student and Graduate
Nevada City, CA

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