Success Story of Sweet Lila the Cat, CA

Success Story of Sweet Lila the Cat, CA

Dear Barbara,

Once again, you worked your magic….this time with my sweet Lila.

It all began when I took my little orange girl to the vet on May 31st for a check-up and a round of vaccinations, including distemper, feline leukemia and a three-year rabies. I told Lila it would be a quick easy visit and she would be fine…but she wasn’t.

Shortly after I brought her home, she disappeared, which isn’t unusual for her because she’s a hunter and she likes to explore. But all afternoon I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach that something was very wrong.

When she finally dragged herself home, she sprawled on the driveway, obviously in great pain. When I carefully picked her up and carried her inside, she growled at me. I placed her on a bed in the back bedroom and stroked her. Her response was to growl some more and glared giving me the angry message, “You lied to me!” She jumped down and crawled under the bed, hiding in a corner.

I spoke with you the next morning while I was out of the house and you immediately said, “I’m going to send Lila a Reiki treatment to help her relax.” When I returned home two hours later, I found a very different cat. She came down the hall and gave me a quiet message… “She called me” and I got an image of you. She was still subdued but seemed relieved.

From what I understand, you pictured her in your mind and held her in light, sending her healing energy and opening up communication. She told you she hurt all over and felt nauseous as well. Apparently, all the chemicals in the vaccines triggered a severe reaction.

The Reiki treatment helped her considerably, releasing most of her pain. I don’t want her to ever go through that again. I can’t thank you enough for pulling her out of a crisis.

Julie Becker

Nevada City, CA

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