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Success Story of Skater the Cat, CA

I recently lost my favorite cat ever, Skater, to coyotes . He was smart ,agile and aware. When he first went missing I knew that he was gone . I still kept looking anyway , around every tree,bush and corner. I looked for him every morning and every time I came home . It was […]

Success Story of Jerry the Dog, CA

Barbara’s intuitive gifts and compassionate approach have transformed and strengthened our relationship with each one of our dogs over the years. I believe that we learn more about ourselves with each pet who enters our lives and when that happens, the bond we share with them strengthens and grows. We have had the pleasure of […]

Success Story of Jack the Cat, CT

In 2006, I was absent from my home in Norwich Connecticut for 51 days, due to complicated abdominal surgical operations. My two cats were being cared for, first by friends, and eventually by Karen, a professional “cat sitter”, recommended by a local veterinarian. When I finally came home, still healing, I felt like a stranger […]

Success Story of Oreo the Dog, CA

Oreo’s Story She was an Aussie-Lab mix, black and white with blue eyes, and would have been 15 years old on Valentine’s Day next year. The last part of her life was painful and challenging, with pretty severe arthritis. We were using pain meds and encouraging her to eat with lots of good home cooking […]

Success Story of Alex the Cat, CA

Dear Barbara, When I first met you in June of 2005, I was anxiously seeking help for my cat, Alex, a handsome gray and white fellow with a mustache. We had moved from Vermont to California in May of 2005. My female cat, Lila, adjusted very quickly to her surroundings but Alex was having difficulty. […]

Success Story of Cats Missy & Reba Mae, OR

I currently live with my husband and 6 wonderful furbaby cats. There’s Missy P – 17 yr old; Reba Mae – 11 yr old; Cia – 3 yr old and our 3 kittens – Max, Shy-Shy and Shasta who are 7 months old. We have had the kittens since they were a day old and […]

Success Story of Mr. Toes the Cat, CT

Kitten Giving High Five
Our tuxedo kitty, Mr. Toes, came to us last year as a 6 year old indoor cat who desperately wanted to go outside. While we live in the suburbs, we still have a fair number of wild creatures pass through our yard. Since Toes is a bit timid, I didn’t feel comfortable letting him out […]

Success Story of Karen’s Rescue Dog, CA

I’ll never forget meeting Barbara for the first time. She came to meet a dog who was depressed and dejected after being in foster care for almost a year. He ran up to her, “talking” like I’d never heard him do before, as if to say, “Finally, someone who can understand me!” Through one session […]

Success Story of Joan’s Cats, CA

We have relied on Barbara for communication with our beloved cats for several years. She has helped us correct behavior problems and to make the most difficult decisions through illness and the end of their lives. Having a way to communicate with them and know what they feel and want-and when they are ready to […]

Success Story of Sweet Lila the Cat, CA

Dear Barbara, Once again, you worked your magic….this time with my sweet Lila. It all began when I took my little orange girl to the vet on May 31st for a check-up and a round of vaccinations, including distemper, feline leukemia and a three-year rabies. I told Lila it would be a quick easy visit […]
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