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Have you ever had the thought that your animal is here for your growth as well as their own? How is it that when you were ill with something like the flu or even something more serious like cancer, or you had an emotional upset, a fight with your spouse or teenager and your cat or dog hovered around you or if they found you laying on the couch they climbed up and plopped down exactly on your heart or belly and just stayed there and went to sleep?

Many of us have not noticed or have forgotten we have friends in furry bodies who are so tuned into us that they even will sacrifice their own health and wellbeing for us. I have worked with animals as far back when I was just five years old - they were knocking on my door of awakening to their essence from an early age. I was so unhappy as a child, they were my comfort and best friends especially our Lassie dog Laddie.

I imagine you too have noticed this in your world as well and I would like to bring more awareness to the amazing benefits of really connecting deeply with our furry friends.

I work with people one-on-one, and also teach groups.