Healing Reiki for Humans

Healing Reiki for Humans

How Do Reiki Healings Work?

Imagine a wonderful glowing radiance flowing through and around you, creating feelings of peace, security and wellbeing…This is Reiki, an energy healing, and it can treat the whole person – body, mind and spirit.

This energy work is simple, natural and safe. Reiki can help speed up healing, reduce pain and more. People commonly report feeling deeply relaxed and refreshed after their Reiki sessions. Even after a Reiki session, the healing unfolds over time and can bring about a sense of being more grounded, having stronger digestion, and sleeping more deeply at night.

Barbara’s role is to create a safe space to come to on a regular basis and, together, heal old wounds.

“We do this by setting up regular sessions where I guide you through challenging events with homework between sessions. This is best done as a three month weekly commitment by regular phone appointments or in person.” – Barbara Mariano

Remote & In-Person Reiki Sessions Available

In-person Reiki is administered by “laying on hands” in which hands are placed just off of or lightly touching the body.

Reiki can also be done anywhere, at any distance. Reiki Master, Barbara Mariano, can provide energy healing work on you remotely all thanks to online conferencing tools like Skype and Zoom.


1-hour Session: $150

Package Pricing: Three 1-hour sessions: $297

Barbara’s Healing Hands Can Help You

Learning and Practicing Reiki

  • The 1st level is a total of 8 hours of training that focuses on self healing and learning the hand positions and working with others.
  • The 2nd level is a total of 8 hours of training focusing on learning and using three symbols that enable you to send Reiki anywhere to anyone.
  • The 3rd level is the master initiation with personal follow up as needed.
  • The 4th level is a one year commitment to learn about Reiki energy through direct contact weekly. Assignments and follow up monthly are part of the opening process to Reiki III as well as learning the teaching of Reiki over the time period.

Contact me for details, pricing and to schedule your first class.

Learn from One of the Best Reiki Masters

Reiki Success Stories

Reiki Healing for Anna

During my treatment for ovarian cancer, Barbara did Reiki treatments and massage with me for many months and I credit her in large measure with my healing. Working with her was like being visited by an angel: absolute love, tender care, and an uncanny ability to tune into my body, giving me just what was needed in any moment.

I continue to see her, even though my cancer is now in remission, for frequent Reiki tune-ups–for the peace and comfort that flow from her amazing hands and spirit. – Anna Gold, Nevada City, CA

Reiki Healing for Robin

After doing an incredible Reiki healing session with Barbara, I knew she had wisdom to share with me that would change my life. We did psychic surgery with the help of her guides and my fibroid tumor released and healing occurred. I continued to do powerful sessions with Barbara and she agreed to initiate and train me in the Reiki path. I went on to take all three levels of Reiki. I am now a Reiki Master and my life is infused with a clearer energy than ever before. I attribute this to Barbara’s intense respect for her wonderful gifts and her willingness to share it.

Much love and gratitude to you, Barbara.Robin Karlstedt, Reiki Master,
Nevada City, CA

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