Healing By Reiki

Healing By Reiki

Barbara’s Healing Hands Can Help You

In-person “laying-of-hands” sessions include therapeutic massage, sound healing guided visual meditations, and intuitive work with spirit guides and teachers to release body pain and old wounds. These sessions done on a regular basis create balance and harmony and a healthy body.

The results of a treatment are usually noticeable soon after the session is over the next few days whether the session is in person or by phone. The body speaks to us in metaphors; an old injury or trauma may surface, that you had long since forgotten.

As we work together with inner guidance, you may remember an experience held in the body from years ago. You remember when you were a child, being kicked in the knee by your older brother and when you ran crying to your mother, you were told not to cry, only babies cry. For many of us as children, we felt shamed and developed a belief “that the world is not safe a place, you have to act tough to survive”.

Trauma can surface from other lifetimes as well. We work together to release whatever is needed which allows you to reclaim your wholeness. Sometimes it takes more than one session, but you have the tools to do this continue the work. The goal is to become your “authentic self” once again.

Healing encompasses a vast world of modalities. The word Reiki means Universal Light Energy, the energy that is present in every living thing. Past and future are thoughts and memories, part of the egoic mind that creates separation and pain. It says, “protect yourself, you can’t trust anyone”.

But the real pain is separation from our true self, a loving free spirit that is connected to everyone and everything. The world can become a hostile place when living from that place of fear. However, it’s important to recognize where the past conditioning gets in the way of the now .

When you say “yes” to yourself, you can consciously connect with your Inner Presence. This allows you to transform parts of yourself that have hidden in the shadows perhaps for lifetimes. With this understanding, you become your “authentic self” the person you love and appreciate the most and begin to see yourself as part of everyone and everything. You become part of “the new earth”.


1-hour Session: $150

Package Pricing: Three 1-hour sessions: $297

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