Reiki Mastership

Reiki Mastership

How I Became a Reiki Master

Beth Gray

I took my first Reiki class with Beth Gray, one of Mrs. Takata’s original 22 Reiki Masters in 1983. She was amazing! She had her own healing center in Woodside, CA, and it was the one and only time I had the privilege of being with this great teacher.

I came to her class having survived a trauma; someone had broken into my apartment and attacked me. This teaching as well as the Reiki initiation gave me the tools I needed to heal from that nightmare experience.  Reiki was my best friend during my recovery. I also received so much healing from other practitioners.

I took Reiki II four months later with Barbara West, another amazing Reiki Master. I was thrilled when after that training Barbara asked me to organize and assist in classes that she taught. By assisting Barbara West and other Reiki Masters over the next five years, I was being prepared to become a Reiki Master myself.

Hawayo Takata

By 1989, I took the Reiki Master Initiation with one of Barbara’s students, Jeanne Wojak, and here we are almost thirty years later, going strong teaching and sharing Reiki! That Reiki lineage means the world to me, because I learned from THE BEST – from a lineage that stemmed from the first Reiki Master to teach in the United Sates, Hawayo TakataHawayo was a grand master who initiated 22 Reiki Masters, one of which was my teacher Beth Gray.

I invite you to consider learning from one of THE BEST as well.  I am unique in that I teach the classes over two days for each level allowing you to experience more Reiki and healing time. I also offer ongoing support for your Reiki journey.

Contact me for details, pricing and to schedule your first class.

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