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Richard Unger Reads Barbara’s Hands

In 2010, Richard Unger, founder of the International Institue of Hand Analysis, gave Barbara a reading… I just love your hands, Barbara.  You call yourself an Intuitive?  I don’t call you that, I call you a genius! You pretend that you are an Intuitive to make it easier for others to digest the magician-ship that […]

Anna Gold, Nevada City, CA

During my treatment for ovarian cancer, Barbara did Reiki treatments and massage with me for many months and I credit her in large measure with my healing. Working with her was like being visited by an angel: absolute love, tender care, and an uncanny ability to tune into my body, giving me just what was needed […]

Robin Karlstedt, Nevada City, CA

After doing an incredible Reiki healing session with Barbara, I knew she had wisdom to share with me that would change my life. We did psychic surgery with the help of her guides and my fibroid tumor released and healing occurred. I continued to do powerful sessions with Barbara and she agreed to initiate and […]
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