Success Story of Bella the Horse , OR

By Donna Abreu | April 2, 2018

I want to express my most sincere thanks to you for helping Bella, (my horse). She was able to communicate through you the pain and fear she was carrying around with her…as well as giving me the tools I need to do these amazing things for her myself. I truly believe that she was able […]

Success Story of Carol’s Rescue Dog, CT

By Donna Abreu | April 2, 2018

Barbara is a phenomenal resource. I took Barbara’s animal communication class in 2006 in Connecticut. She not only has the gifts to communicate with my animals and provide me with greater insights, she also understands animal behavior and has helped me to manage a rescue dog who needed help trusting me. It was very comforting […]

Success Story of Norman the Cat, CA

By Donna Abreu | April 1, 2018

My sister’s cat of eighteen months was sneezing constantly like something had lodged in his nasal passages. I called Barbara. The vet xrayed and found nothing and prescribed antibiotics and suggested going to a specialist at a cost of $900…they would put a scope up his nasal passages. My sister has no such funds! Barbara […]

Success Story of Peabody the Cat, CA

By Donna Abreu | April 1, 2018

We had a session with you about two weeks ago. We have two cats and two dogs, but the most troublesome was Peabody our twelve year old cat who yowls all the time when he’s in the house and has been peeing on things in our bedroom. Clyde, another twelve year old cat of ours […]

Barbara welcomes you to her world of Magic and Miracles.

By Barbara Mariano | April 13, 2017

Once upon a time when I was a little girl, I believed in magic and miracles – and then life happened! Even though life, trauma and challenges are unavoidable, I believe they can be used to awaken and enlighten us. After a lifetime of difficult, painful, and scary experiences, I’ve grown to the point where […]

Athena’s Story

By Barbara Mariano | April 13, 2017

I was born with a special gift of intuition which means instinctive feeling without the need for conscious reason and at some point I decided to ignore this ability because I was innundated with feelings that were not my own.  It was overwhelming to be sure until my cat Athena came into my life and […]

Barbara on KVMR March 13, 2017 Haines Ely Show

By Barbara Mariano | March 13, 2017

Listen to Haines and Barbara talking to the animals.

Barbara on KVMR, August 2016 Haines Ely Show

By Barbara Mariano | August 13, 2016

Listen to Barbara and Haines and listener’s pet questions:

Barbara Mariano on KVMR June 2016 Haines Ely Show

By Barbara Mariano | June 4, 2016

Here is my interview on KVMR

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