Each of us cares about living a life that is fulfilling and purposeful.
This includes our animal companions.

All sentient beings wish to be understood, feel safe and belong.

Barbara acts as a translator to help you understand your animal's experience.

Become your “authentic self” and begin to see yourself as part of everyone and everything.

It’s about you and others finding out you can manifest even when it looks like you can’t.

Animal Communicator

Understand your animal's experience & get the tools to fully participate in your animal's healing.

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Reiki for Animals

This healing energy work is gentle, non-invasive & can be done at any distance.

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Reiki for Humans

Working with inner guidance, you can begin to transform parts of yourself that have remained hidden in the shadows perhaps for lifetimes.

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Speaking Events

Invite Barbara Mariano to speak at your next event to share her experiences as a highly gifted intuitive, trauma survivor and animal communicator.

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