About Barbara Mariano

About Barbara Mariano

Barbara Welcomes You to Her World of Magic and Miracles

Once upon a time when I was a little girl, I believed in magic and miracles – and then life happened!

Even though life, trauma and challenges are unavoidable, I believe they can be used to awaken and enlighten us. After a lifetime of difficult, painful, and scary experiences, I’ve grown to the point where I have been able to rediscover magic and miracles and fairy dust once again. That six year old is alive and well inside of me now – and she and I want to share this with you. How about joining the party?

The Secret's Out

I was born with this gift called “Intuition”, really that’s only a word to say I was born “knowing things” and that knowing includes a deep connection to animals and nature. I was a magical child, who in church would imagine the statues of Mary and Jesus talking to me. I’d be a bit disappointed when they would just turn back into plaster when the mass was over! But I believed in magic and miracles and I was always talking with and connecting with The Other Side. They were my best friends as a child, otherwise I felt very lonely and alone deep inside.

I never told anyone about my secret life because it was so special to me, especially after an uncle molested me as a child, it was devastating. I grew to mistrust humans even more after that and formed some beliefs that were all pervasive and I spent what felt like a lifetime in victim consciousness. Despite my own personal pain, I did wonderful work with others humans and animals over the last thirty years using the gifts I was given and I feel very lucky to be here now to share an even better me! After two near death experiences and a difficult past it was time to write a new life story one filled with a happy heart and a wonderful life.

I am here now to offer my skills as a healer, mentor, counselor, life coach, animal intuitive, medium, story teller, Reiki teacher, Reiki practitioner, psychic. I work with people in all of these capacities, and I am the best at what I do.

Barbara Completed the Following Trainings:

  • Animal Communication Training – Completed 3 Levels
  • Byron Katie-The Work Nine Day Training
  • Reiki Training – Completed three levels
  • Three Art Degrees
  • Family Constellation Training
  • Inner Child Training
  • Massage Training



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